In with the New, Out with the Old

Around this time of the year, I’ve often heard of the saying: “In with the new, out with the old.”  As I reflect on the past year and all that it has brought me, I’m not sure I agree with this statement.  You see, the “old” brought me so many wonderful opportunities and the chance to realize my dream of becoming a writer.  If it weren’t for my past experiences, and my family, as well as, friends who pushed me into taking the plunge, I never would have written and published my books.  The “old” has also allowed me the chance to meet other wonderful authors and amazing people from across the globe who enjoy reading as much as I do! Besides, I’m a pack rat and don’t tend to want to throw out anything old unless I absolutely have to.  My bell bottom jeans and orange platform shoes have made a come back and so will my record player, as well as, my Michael Jackson and Madonna vinyl records.  I’m sure of it!

So while I certainly welcome “new” (and by new, I mean a new convertible Mustang, a new diamond pendant, a new vacation home in Turks and Caicos), I don’t ever want to throw out the “old.”  The old has worked out so well for me.  I like the past and everything that it means to me: good friends, close family and the chance to bring alive the stories in my head on paper.

So as we prepare to ring in 2014, I say stick with the old and welcome the new.  Who says they both can’t live in peaceful harmony together!

Have a wonderful New Year!


New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions are like the old yellow sweater I have in my closet; the one I bought back in the day, when neon was still in style.   I know I will never wear that sweater again but I don’t dare throw it away because of the “idea” of it.  It’s the thought that I might want to wear it again (possibly to a Halloween or 80s retro party, combined with my “Boy Toy” belt and feathered earrings) that keeps it on a hanger, overlooked everyday by me.  I think it’s the nostalgia that keeps me from giving it away to the Salvation Army.  I just don’t have the heart to let go- just like the resolutions I make every December 31st.   I know in my mind I won’t ever last more than a few weeks in keeping my promises for the New Year but I just like the idea that it’s there just in case I need it (overlooked on a hanger in my closet).  It’s my safety net, my compass; letting me know that at least I’m trying.  Besides, I like to have something to offer up in case I’m asked about it at a party or a family gathering.  Because who doesn’t ask about New Year resolutions?  And when they do, I simply smile and offer up my top three: lose weight, stop procrastinating and be a better person (contribute to world peace, brake for animals and recycle my plastics.)

But I never seem to be able to follow through on my resolutions.  I completely blow it the very first week of the New Year when I’m offered that enticing slice of chocolate cheesecake that will definitely add pounds to my hips or get handed the beautiful margarita glass with the colorful umbrella or when I’m running frantically to catch the rush hour train so I won’t be late to work yet again.

So what do I say to my resolution this year? Let’s not have any.  In fact, I’m going into my closet right now to throw out that old tattered yet still very bright yellow sweater.  I won’t be needing it again… well, maybe, I should hang on to it.  Just in case it gets cold tonight.  Yellow is my color too and you never know when neon will come back into fashion…Oh forget it, I’m hopeless.  Where’s my drink?

Happy New Year everyone!

Erin Brady