Thumbs Up to the Book Reviewers

As a writer, there are a few dates that stand out as memorable ones to me.  The first one is the day I sat down and started writing my first novel (getting started is always the hardest part).  The second date was when I published it and saw my book listed on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles with my name on the cover! (I still can’t get over that one.  It still seems so surreal to me).  The third date is when I received my first positive book review. I can’t describe the thrill I felt reading the wonderful comments from someone who actually enjoyed my book because, up until then, although you love your story, your family and friends love it, there is still that dread that follows you around.  What if no one else likes what you wrote?  What if they think it’s crap?  Where do I go from there? Hide under a rock? Change my name and move to Antarctica?

But then I received my first good review and as I was reading each sentence, I felt myself actually floating on air.  I kept rereading it, waiting for someone to tell me it was but some practical joke.  But it wasn’t.  Someone really liked my book!  Yay! I didn’t have to move to Antarctica or hide under a rock in shame.  I could hold my head up high, knowing that someone actually did like what I was doing.  I was on such a high that entire day; and it lasted well into the evening (I don’t think I touched ground).  Nothing could bring me down, not even that ticket I got for running yet another stop sign nor the long, never ending line at the supermarket held back by the notorious little old lady who, once again, had misplaced her charge card deep into the secret pockets of her bottomless tote. I woke up the next morning still in a happy mood (even before having that first cup of coffee-which, for me, is saying a lot).  I guess you can say I was relishing in the moment.

Since then, I have met some pretty wonderful people who have taken the time to read my novels in exchange for their honest reviews.  Many of them have lives outside of the wonderful world of literature we are all lucky to be a part of.  Many of them work full-time jobs and have families.  Some are planning major events such as weddings and vacations.  Yet, they somehow find the time and energy to pick up my book (and many others), read it and then write about it.   I’m amazed by their dedication and commitment and I appreciate their constructive feedback.  They’ve given me so much to take with me into my next story.

So, with no further delay, I would like to dedicate this blog to the book reviewers. The fastest readers I know!  A special group of people who love reading good stories as much as I do.  I so appreciate what you do for me and for so many other authors out there.  Keep the reviews coming.