Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Its not you, Monday.  Its me.  Im sure you are a very lovely part of the week, but Im looking for different things from my days.  Lets face it: Weve grown apart.  Ive changed.  Theres just something about you that makes me sad.  You dont bring me as much happiness anymore as the other days.  And dont we all deserve happiness? 

Lets face it: I can always count on Tuesday to get me closer to the weekend.  Wednesday is the hump that puts me over that work hill.  Thursday is filled with memories and throw-back pictures. Friday is just plain fun.  With Friday, I can let down my hair and forget about all that stress of the week.  Friday doesnt judge me by what I do: I can be crazy and wild, I can be who I want to be and Friday will always understand.  Friday gets me! 

But Saturday-ahh Saturday! Saturday is the love of my life.  Saturday is filled with possibility and promise.  Saturday is exciting and daring.  I can go bike riding or to the beach with Saturday.  I can go skiing or to the museum or the park with Saturday.  Saturday takes me out to dinner and the movies.  Saturday takes me out dancing and to an after-hours bar, overlooking the Manhattan skyline with a cocktail in my hand.  With Saturday, I can sit quietly at a coffee house in the morning, reading the newspaper and then go shopping in the afternoon.  Saturday LOVES to shop!  With Saturday, I can go away on a mini-vacation or a staycation.  Saturday is who I want to be.   

Im sorry to do this to you, Monday.  You certainly deserve better.  I just cant be in your life anymore.  Trust me-as much as it hurts now, youll move on and forget about me.  Give it time.  Time heals all.   You need to look for someone who will make you happy.  I know theres someone out there for you.  As a matter of fact, I hear Sunday is available.