Happy Blog Day to Me!

I received the notification yesterday.  I couldn’t believe it.  I reached the milestone of 100 posts on my blog.  Yay me!  I was so excited that I actually bought myself a cannoli cake to celebrate.  Reaching the 100th post is certainly reason enough to break my diet, don’t you think?  It’s a major achievement.  It’s a big accomplishment. Definitely, a very good reason for a calorie binge (and mind you, I don’t need much of a reason to go off my diet).

And because I’m sentimental and nostalgic and the kind of person who keeps every scrap of memory like a meticulous hoarder, I decided to re-read all of my 100 posts from the very beginning in one sitting. 

After I was done with my trip down memory lane, I realized what an incredible journey it’s been for me these last few years. I published my first book in 2012 and started my blog at the same time.  Since that time, I’ve published seven books and have written over 100 posts!  I’ve shared a lot of me in those posts: my disappointments, frustrations, inspirations, and excitement. I’ve experienced writer’s block, rejections, bad reviews and even a major hurricane.  But I’ve also made some pretty amazing friends who are fellow authors, book reviewers, and avid readers. The people who have read and enjoyed my books are the best part of my journey and the reason why I celebrate today!

To hear from people who actually enjoyed my work and shared that with me is the reason I will continue to write and hopefully, down the road, celebrate another 100 posts on this site.  I couldn’t have done it without them and so I wanted to take this time to say thank you! 

I’d send all of you a piece of my celebratory cake but I’ve sort of, kind of, finished it all… Oh well, so much for my diet.


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