Hooked On Hallmark

Shhhh . . . I have a little secret to tell you.  Promise not to tell anyone?  Okay, there goes.  You see, it’s almost that time of the year again and I’m giddy with anticipation.  It’s when I get to hang up the twinkling holiday lights and when I trim the tree and adorn it with decorations.  It’s also when I log onto my computer to hunt for Christmas gifts like a trained professional shopper, tracking all of the sales and free shipping offers on the internet.  If only I could make a living from it.  Sigh.

But that’s not why I’m soooo excited for the holiday season!  It’s not why I’m jumping up and down with glee.  Those things are all good- don’t get me wrong- and I look forward to doing all of them after Thanksgiving has come and gone.  But the real reason why I get warm feelings coursing through my body and why my heart skips a happy beat has nothing to do with shopping or tree trimming or twinkling lights but everything to do with the… Hallmark Channel.  Yes, you heard me right: the Hallmark Channel!  It’s the greatest place on this earth to binge watch all of those fabulously corny made-for-TV holiday movies that I can’t seem to get enough of.  It’s like my drug of choice for Christmas.  Forget eggnog or chestnut lattes.  Forget Christmas carols and making snow angels in the snow.  I’m all about snuggling with a blanket on my sofa, switching on my television set and settling in for a series of wonderful love stories, all taking place in a town decorated to the hilt with holiday spirit!  Add in a secret Santa and you’ve got the formula for a perfect Christmas story.

It makes me glad to see a down-and-out heroine with a heart of gold who has lost any hope for a Christmas miracle-life circumstances, you know- be rescued by a dashingly handsome (and equally good-hearted) knight-in-shining-armor.  I know it’s predictable and I know it’s sappy, but I happen to LOVE sappy.  I LOOK for sappy throughout the entire month of December!    I think we all need a bit of sappy in our lives.  And what better place to look for it than on the Hallmark Channel?   Soon enough, January will roll around and there will be enough time for a reality check as I will break my New Year’s resolutions for the umpteenth time. 

But that’s still over a month away and I’ll think about it (and my diet) when I get there.  For now, I’m going to enjoy the Hallmark lineup and watch each and every single movie with the words “Christmas” or “Holiday” or “Santa” or “Candy Cane” or “Mistletoe” in the title.  I can’t wait!  Yay!


Hallmark Christmas Movie