Independence Day and Writing


As we head into the fourth of July holiday weekend, here in New York, I am struck with how much, as a writer, I can relate to this celebration.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my holidays.  I love Christmas (who doesn’t love presents . .  especially if the wrapping is light blue and says “Tiffany” on it !)  I love New Year’s Eve with all its promises of resolutions which I know I will never keep (new year = clean slate).  I love Memorial Day and the start of summer (especially being able to wear white pants with flip flops).    But the Fourth of July! Well, the Fourth of July holds a very special place in my heart (and that’s not just because of the sales . . . although that is a big perk!). 

For Americans, it marks day-long festivities of delicious barbeques (I love my hamburger and corn on the cob), cold glasses of beer (yum) and fireworks.  It’s spending quality time with friends and family and wearing red, white and blue.

But, more importantly, it marks my country’s independence. 

As with most authors I know, I think I was born with the innate desire to write (if I could have had a pen and paper in the womb, I would have started on my first novel much sooner than I did!)  But before the birth of electronic readers and the availability of platforms for writers such as myself to showcase their books, the dream of being an author was just that  . . . a dream. 

Now, this Fourth of July, three years after my first book hit Amazon, I am celebrating my own independence of sorts.  I am celebrating the release five books (I still can’t believe it!)  I am celebrating being a part of a wonderful community of writers and readers.  I am celebrating the freedom of sharing my stories with my wonderful and faithful readers.  I am celebrating the joy of calling myself an indie author.  And, more importantly, I’m celebrating the future and what’s yet to come.  I’m currently working on two books (one with an author I truly admire) and I’m sooo excited for the second half of this year to begin!

So, as I will drive down my street and observe the multitude of red white and blue flags flying in the wind, as I will share a drink with my family and friends and cheer on the sidelines of my town’s parade, as we will all enjoy a fun  afternoon around a great BBQ, I will smile, content in knowing that I have a lot to be grateful for.   

Happy Fourth everybody!


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