Sweet Vacation


Whoever thought of vacations should really get a medal.  I’m being serious.  The person should win the Nobel Peace Prize because I think it’s the greatest invention on earth, next to scrumptious bread (drizzled in oil and garlic) and a corkscrew (to open up bottles of wine, of course!)

I mean, who doesn’t love time off away from the worries of everyday life?  Who doesn’t love not being tied down to a clock, where every minute is accounted.  While I’m on vacation, I don’t have to worry about sleeping through my alarm clock (I can sleep until noon) or making sure I get to the train station on time, praying I’ll get a seat on my ride into work (no schedules here and I get my own beach lounger).  I don’t have to worry about bills or deadlines or laundry or cooking or making a run to the grocery store (that can certainly wait until I return which might never happen!)

Vacation is the happiest place I know.  It’s the magical place where I don’t have to worry about anything other than what to drink (strawberry daiquiri, please), what to eat (forget the diet!) and what to wear (bathing suit, sunglasses and flip flops).  Vacation is my fairytale, where anything and anything can happen.  It’s like having a glass slipper fit or finding gold at the end of the rainbow except in my fairytale, it’s open bar, karaoke nights and sunbathing by the beach!

Vacation gives me time to decompress and focus on the important things in life, such as spending time with my loved ones and enjoying the little joys in life, like swimming in the ocean, feeling the warm sun on my face and enjoying cold fruity drinks with the best of friends. 

And just like all fairytales, I know there must be an ending to a vacation.  I know I must eventually get back to reality (sigh) and that my carriage will inevitably turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight (can I get another three wishes or am I confusing this with another fairytale?)   But that’s OK, because like any good fairy godmother will tell you, it all works out at the end and I know that in another year, I get to do this all over again (yay!) 

So for now, I’ll enjoy my vacation, silently thank whoever it was that invented the concept (maybe even raise a glass to him or her) and smile, knowing that when I go back to my life, I’ll be refreshed and ready to take on the world . . .  Of course, the feeling will last only a week until I’m frazzled and stressed again and I’ll feel like I’ve never left and I’ll soon long for the next vacation looming over the horizon. 

But I’ll be patient until then because, after all, dont all good things come to those who wait?

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy your summer vacations!  Have a drink for me!


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  • I didn’t realize you had a job outside of being an author. Learn something new everyday. I think vacations rate right up there with wine and chocolate.

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