Super Bowl and Love

I’m super excited for this Sunday. I’ve waited all season long for it. And in a few short hours, it will be here! The Super Bowl!!!! I get giddy just thinking about it. I love everything there is about the celebration. I love the anticipation. I love the fact that two of the best teams in the NFL will face off in an epic battle for the title of “Champion.” I love the tortilla chips and the chicken wings and the hot sauce that tastes sooo delicious. I love that I can swig beer after beer, yell at my television set and laugh with my friends all at the same time. What other day is such a thing even possible??? I love the half time show (Katy Perry and her lions) and the commercials (the one with the puppy and the horse chokes me up with tears every single time!) I think, by now, you get the picture. I love this game!

And, as I’m preparing in the kitchen for tonight’s festivities, when I’ll happily greet my family and friends at the door and invite them to gather around the television set in my living room, it hits me how much the Super Bowl is like a good romantic comedy. I can almost see the incredulous looks on your faces and the roll of your eyes as you read this. I can see your eyebrows arch up in disbelief as you wonder silently how I can make such a comparison. Football and love? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

But it’s true and I can prove it. Think about it. From the very first page of a chick lit book, there is that sweet sense of anticipation that you feel in the pit of your stomach when the heroine of your story meets the love of her life. You know something magical is about to happen and you’re right.

Then somewhere down the road as you read further into the story, there is the battle between our heroine and the incredibly handsome, dashing man who has captured her heart as they fight off the feelings they have for each other. There is always an obstacle in the way of their happiness (jealous friend, or vindictive ex) or a comic misunderstanding that keeps them apart. But the point is, they have to battle through it to find love, just like in a football game.

And then, at the end of the story, who doesn’ enjoy the sweet taste of victory when our couple finally realizes that they are meant to be together. I can almost see the confetti rain down and the bucket of Gatorade being doused . . . and someone, somewhere is going to Disney World.

You see, love is just like the Super Bowl . . . well, maybe not exactly. There are no cute commercials with a puppy and a dog and no half-time show with Katy Perry and her lions, but . . . you get the picture.

I hope you enjoy your day, whoever you root for. Happy Super Bowl, everyone!