Snow Day!

Normally, I wake up on a Monday morning, dragging myself out of bed and begging for the sweet caffeine hit from my first cup of coffee. But this morning, I didn’t need to drag and I didn’t need my coffee. Instead, I jumped out of bed, practically giddy with excitement! Why? No, I didn’t hit the lotto (don’t I wish!) And no, I have not finally lost my mind (although I’ve come close several times in my life). I’m happy because it’s going to snow today…and not just a few snowflakes, but a big old blizzard. Yay!

Now, before you think I’m crazy, let me explain: There is a reason for my madness. You see, a big snow storm means no work. It means staying in my pajamas. It means putting aside all of my “adult” responsibilities and simply enjoying the day with nowhere to go. And I know exactly what I plan to do with those endless hours where I will have nowhere to go. I will sit in my favorite comfy chair and read books. I will park myself in front of my television set and watch a marathon of movies! I will gorge on junk food and not care about calories (I’m pretty sure there is a rule against calorie counting during snow days!) I will feel just like a little kid again and act like one too. Maybe, I’ll even bundle myself up and head outdoors to build myself a snowman or go sledding down a hill.

The point is that for a day or two, I will be able to step back from my harried, rushed life and enjoy the peaceful stillness that a storm like this brings. Such days don’t come around often, so I plan to enjoy them as much as I can because I’ll soon enough be back to dragging myself out of bed and begging for caffeine and cursing the fact that I have to shovel a mountain of snow off my driveway to get to work!

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  • Erin, where do you live? My son lives in Brooklyn and works in the city. I’m worried he’ll be buried by 3 feet of snow and I’ll never see him again. I hope you have a great couple of days on your Snow Vacation.

  • It’s Monday again. Far too much snow here in the great state of Michigan. We received about 14 inches. We didn’t ask for it but we got it anyway.

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