She’s Alive

Sometimes I secretly wish that I could be the eccentric scientist, Victor Frankenstein from Mary Shelleys classic novel.  Why, you might ask?  Thats easy.  Because then, I could make the characters in my books come to life.  Or better yet, the leading men in my books! 

Id have the time of my life getting to hang out with them.  This is especially true of my latest character, Sadie Rollins, from my novel, The Twelve-Step Plan.  Sadie is so much fun because shes not afraid to take risks to try and make her dreams come true.  For just one day, Id like to join Sadie on all of her crazy adventures and Id have the time of my life doing it!  From camping out overnight in NYC to see my favorite popstar, to heading down to Miami Beach and partying like a celebrity, I wouldnt mind getting into scraps with Sadie, because I know that at the end, everything will turn out right (I mean, there has to be a happily ever after, doesnt it?)  And lets face it, I also wouldnt mind getting to know X and Miguel, the two men in Sadies life that are more than “swoon-worthy!” 

But alas, until such time when science can clone these characters, Ill just have to settle with enjoying them on the pages of my books and look forward to creating more that I can laugh with.   

Erin Brady

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