One Last Blind Date


BlindDate_EbookI am very excited to announce the release of my next book, “One Last Blind Date.”   The story centers around Sarah Jenkins who, on her thirtieth birthday, gets a six-month subscription to an online dating service as a gift from her best friend.  She’s not exactly thrilled with her present.  After all, she had hoped for a new handbag or a trip to a tropical destination instead.  But “happily married”Amy thinks she’s doing Sarah a big favor by throwing her into the dating pool, feet first and without a life vest, regardless of whether she’s ready to swim or not.  Sarah is perfectly happy with her life and her career, but decides to give the service a try, if only for her friend’s sake.  Besides, it’s the one gift that can’t be returned.

I can certainly sympathize with Sarah’s dating problems. I’d like to think we all can.  Although it’s ancient history now, I certainly remember (like it was only yesterday) the anxiety I felt about dating and trying to find my soul mate.  It was nerve wracking having friends and family set me up with guys they thought were perfect for me, but whom I knew nothing about.  It was, at times, painful, but always comical.  I can laugh about it now, but it took several years of therapy to get over it 🙂  It was interesting to see that the person they thought was Mr. Perfect for me was, in reality, Mr. Are You Out of Your Mind?

I was having lunch with a friend of mine a few months ago when the idea for this book dropped on my lap.  She was sharing all of her online dating misadventures and I thought to myself, there’s definitely a storyline there.  We’ve all been through this.  We can all certainly identify with Sarah and her journey of one blind date after another after another. We can relate. Why not write about these dates and the journey of finding love while being true to yourself at the same time? 

So I went home and started documenting my friend’s dates, as well as mine and a dozen other friends’ and, before I knew it (I couldn’t type the words fast enough), I had a book.  A wonderful potpourri of pieced-together dates.  The finished product: It’s a light, romantic comedy and, hopefully to my readers, a good beach read. 



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