Chick Lit Book Winter Giveaway! Starting March 1st!

I’m excited to be a part of this giveaway that starts on March 1st of Chick Lit Books from authors I really admire.


We’re offering FIVE lucky winners a bundle of ALL the following ebooks:

After Wimbledon by Jennifer Gilby Roberts


After 12 years on the pro. tennis tour and four years with her sort-of boyfriend, Lucy Bennett has had enough. She wants real life… and real love.

Her life, her decision. Right? Well, no one else seems to think so. With opinions on all sides, Lucy’s head is spinning. And she’s stumbling right into the arms of long-term crush and fellow player Sam. Shame her boyfriend – his arch-rival – would sooner smash a racquet over their heads than agree to a simple change of partners.

As the Wimbledon Championships play out, Lucy fights for her life on and off the courts. The question is: what will she be left with after Wimbledon?,, other Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble

Thirty-Two Going on Spinster by Becky Monson


Julia Dorning is a spinster, or at least on the road to becoming one. She has no social life, hates her career, and lives in her parent’s basement with her cat, Charlie.

With the arrival of Jared Moody, the new hire at work, Julia’s mundane life is suddenly turned upside down. Her instant (and totally ridiculous) crush on the new guy causes Julia to finally make some long-overdue changes, in hopes to find a life that includes more than baking and hanging out with Charlie.

But when the biggest and most unexpected change comes, will the new and improved Julia be able to overcome it? Or will she go back to her spinster ways?,, other Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman


Hilary had gotten used to dating the commitment-phobic Marc, thirteen years her senior. They had a great relationship–why rush into things? She saw no need to pressure him for marriage, believing that when the time was right, he would propose.

But after they had been together for four years, their friends decided to take matters into their own hands, pushing Marc to propose and making Hilary realize how much she really did want to marry the man that she loved. Unfortunately, Marc still wasn’t ready–and their friends’ meddling in the form of a faux engagement party led to a disastrous New Year’s Eve that brought their relationship to an inevitable turning point.

In this relatable, light-hearted, and playful memoir, Hilary reminisces about her life before Marc—from the insecure and awkward teenage years she spent in a back brace and dealing with the loss of her father, to her early relationships and, finally, to the day she met Marc and realized that she really wanted to see him again. Through their first date—even though Hilary was technically seeing someone else at the time—and the ease of their early time together until Marc first decided that they were moving too quickly, up until that fateful New Year’s Eve, Hilary shares the details of their relationship and how Marc’s inability to commit led her to find an inner strength and confidence she didn’t know she possessed.,, other Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble

Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley


Meet Sophie Stone, a thirty-something serial procrastinator. Tesco knickers, Take That and tea with two sugars is about as exciting as it gets. Sophie’s life is safe and predictable, which is just the way she likes it, thank you very much.  But when her boyfriend dumps her on Valentine’s Day and a mysterious benefactor leaves her an inheritance, even Sophie has to accept that change is afoot. There is a catch: in order to inherit, Sophie must agree to meet the father she has never seen.

Not a fan of surprises, Sophie would rather not; why not let sleeping dads lie? Besides, her mother would kill her. With interference from an evil boss, bickering flat mates, warring parents and a sexy ex-boyfriend, Sophie has plenty to contend with without an architect who puts his foot in it every time he opens his mouth.

But it soon becomes clear that she will have to face the past and learn some uncomfortable home truths before she can finally build a future on her own terms.,, other Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble

The Shopping Swap by Erin Brady


Maggie Andrew has a problem. She needs to convince Richard, her attorney boyfriend of five years, that he’s finally ready for a commitment. How? By planning an unforgettable night starting with a romantic dinner for two and ending in the bedroom. And to help things along, Maggie has spent half of her salary on sexy black lingerie from Crandall’s Department Store that Richard won’t be able to resist.

Except, once home, Maggie realizes she has someone else’s shopping bag and instead of her very expensive lingerie, she’s stuck with a housecoat that wouldn’t turn anyone’s head, least of all Richards. When Maggie goes back to the scene of the swap, she runs into Benjamin Saunders, a tall, dark and handsome stranger, who not only has what she wants but may also turn out to have what she needs.

Suddenly what Maggie thinks she has with Richard is called into question and she’s not sure of anything.,,,,

Zoey and the Moment of Zen by Cat Lavoie


When coffee shop owner Zoey Everwood takes her obsession with ex-boyfriend Braden too far, everyone—except Zoey—is convinced a bit of fun in the sun at the Moment of Zen Wellness Resort will help her get over him once and for all.

But Zoey’s relaxing vacation turns out to be anything but peaceful when she meets Shane Lawson, a resort guest who bears a striking resemblance to Braden. And things get even more complicated when the resort’s owner starts spilling secrets about Zoey’s aunt Nessa, the woman who raised her. Add a snarky Wellness Coordinator and Nate Holmes—Shane’s grumpy friend—to the mix, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect tropical storm.

When Zoey comes back home with a new husband instead of tacky souvenirs, she must convince everyone she hasn’t completely lost her mind. As Zoey and Shane struggle to keep the magic alive outside the resort, Zoey discovers that she isn’t the only one having trouble letting go of the past. And when Nate drops a bombshell that changes everything, Zoey must decide if the old saying is true—what happens at the Moment of Zen stays at the Moment of Zen.,, other Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Saving Saffron Sweeting by Pauline Wiles


Grace Palmer’s British friends all think she’s living the American Dream. But her design business is floundering and when she discovers her husband is cheating with her best client, she panics and flees home to England.

The tranquil village of Saffron Sweeting appears to be a good place for Grace to lick her wounds, but the community is battling its own changes. Reluctantly, Grace finds herself helping her new neighbours as they struggle to adjust and save their businesses. However, not everyone has the same opinion on what’s good for the village. The charismatic new man in her life may have one speculative eye on Grace, but the other is firmly on profit. How will she navigate the tricky path between her home and her happiness?

With gentle humour and generous helpings of British tea and cake, Saving Saffron Sweeting explores one woman’s need to define herself through her career and community, before she can figure out who should be by her side.,, other Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble

Super Natalie by Caitlin McKenna


Natalie Dalton can’t hold down a job. It’s not because she is constantly late, has a terrible work ethic or doesn’t try. It’s because she is plagued with a gift she’d rather give back. Natalie can communicate with ghosts—annoying, persistent ghosts who choose to have a word with her at the most inconvenient times, often at work with bosses and colleagues around.

Fired from her umpteenth job and nearly out of cash, Natalie accepts an offer to appear on the low-brow, sensationalist TV talk show, World’s Weirdest Hobbies, to discuss her unusual ability, but more importantly to collect a paycheck. Unfortunately, a spirit appears as she’s being interviewed and ends up embarrassing the host of the show by revealing a juicy secret. The host goes ballistic and the clip of his attack goes viral, which catapults Natalie into the limelight and lands her a reality series as a paranormal investigator.

With her financial future secure, it looks like Natalie’s life is finally going to run smoothly for a change. Then she meets Ryan Emery, a gorgeous, sweet, funny guy who is working on her new series. Natalie could really fall for him except for the fact that Ryan is a major skeptic. He doesn’t believe in ghosts and never will. This presents a problem when a persistent spirit wants Natalie to give Ryan a message—one that will dramatically change his life. Now Natalie must somehow get Ryan to believe. Can she do it without ruining a potentially great relationship?

As Natalie carefully navigates her precarious situation, she suffers a loss which makes her question her own beliefs. With both of their lives turned upside down, Natalie and Ryan lean on each other and soon learn that what they truly need cannot always be explained with logic and reason.,,,,, Barnes & Noble

Hard Hats and Doormats by Laura Chapman


Lexi Burke has always been a stickler for following rules and procedures. As a human resources manager for a leading Gulf Coast chemical company, it’s her job to make sure everyone else falls in line, too.

But after losing out on a big promotion–-because her boss sees her as too much of a yes-woman––Lexi adopts a new policy of following her heart instead of the fine print. And her heart knows what it wants: Jason Beaumont, a workplace crush who is off limits based on her previous protocol.

While navigating a new romance and interoffice politics, Lexi must find the confidence to stand on her own or face a lifetime of following someone else’s orders.

Who says nice girls have to finish last?,, other Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

The Great British Date Off by Sheila Brady


Londoner Maggie Sullivan hadn’t exactly spent her teenage years beating off hordes of panting admirers with a stick. In fact, most of it was spent alone in her bedroom either working on her Spice Girls, Union Jack dress or trying out her dead mother’s heated rollers.

All that had changed in her final year at school. As the object of her all-consuming school girl crush, Steve, had remarked at the time; who would have thought losing a little puppy fat, discovering hair product and investing in a Wonderbra would make such a difference? More than ten years on, he still has ‘plans’ for Maggie … but not until he’s got one or two things out of his system.

Only now Maggie has announced her intention to move to the country and he is not happy; especially since he’s noticed a ‘country toff’ rival ‘sniffing around’. He is more than delighted that Maggie’s move is turning out to be somewhat of a disaster. While she had been expecting village fetes, cricket teas and to be able to finally unleash her inner baker; in reality her cake-making efforts are being described as ‘lacklustre’, her godfather and boss is being referred to in very derogatory terms and somehow an extremely embarrassing photo has appeared in the local paper.

An overheard conversation and a chance late night encounter lead Maggie to conclude that widower and local ‘catch’, Will is responsible and there is a price to be paid, right? How can she know that her day (or rather, intimate evening) of reckoning will set in motion a roller coaster ride of high points and humiliations that will put to the test some of her most long standing relationships and lead her to question everything she thinks she knows about her capacity for love…,, other Amazon sites

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Love is All Around Us


Today is the “official” day of love.  It’s the day when you break out the chocolate covered candy (mmmm) and the bouquet of red roses (and from the storms we’ve been having in NYC, any flowers in bloom are welcomed right now!).  It’s when you spend the entire day telling the people you love how much they mean to you; whether it’s your parents, your sibling, your children, significant other, your husband or your best friend.  It’s a day filled with red colored everything and mushy sentimental phrases.  It’s the day I binge on romantic movies and sing love songs at the top of my lungs while driving in the car.

So in honor of this day, I wanted to proclaim my “not so secret” love affair with books.  It’s a long standing relationship, one that started very early in my life and one that continues as strongly today as an author.   I love everything about books.  In hard cover format, I love the smell of the pages and the sound of it as I turn it.  In electronic format, I love the sleek look of each chapter as I download it onto my device.  I love the amazingly beautiful covers.   I love the stories and the characters.  I love the words and the descriptions.  And most of all, I love the journey each book takes me on.  I’ve been all around the world without ever leaving my home.  I’ve met people that I would never have had the opportunity to know.  I’ve learned about different professions and different cultures.  I’ve been to exotic beaches and snowy mountain ranges.  I’ve seen families torn apart and reunited.  I’ve seen relationships mend and strong women find their voice.  I’ve suffered the lows and celebrated the highs.  And most importantly, especially on this day of all days, I’ve watched as two people find each other and fall in love.

So in honor of St. Valentine’s Day and all the love that it brings, here are a few of my favorite romantic books (in no particular order):

Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

One Day by David Nichols

Austenland by Shannon Hale

Emma by Jane Austen

Undomesticated Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

Plain Fame by Sarah Price

Happy Love Day!


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Interview with Indie Chick Lit Author Victoria J. Brown


As I mentioned before, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful Indie authors who have written amazing books.  It’s such a great community to be a part of and I’m very lucky to call them my colleagues and friends.

I wanted to begin featuring some of these wonderful chick lit authors on my blog and I’m so pleased to have been able to interview Victoria J. Brown, who is the author of “How My Life Became Chaos.” Victoria holds a MA in Creative Writing and is the winner of an Adele Parks Competition. She is passionate about people following their dreams. She has written Annual Inspirational Books which provide daily motivational messages. Also being a qualified wedding planner and Managing Director of Calm Weddings, she has written 3 weddings books. All are available on Amazon.

(1) When did you first start writing?

Since I could put a pen in my hand … I don’t mean to sound corny but I can’t remember ever wanting to do anything else but write. I used to write stories in notebooks for my sister to read. But it was encouraged that I get a ‘real job’. But I could never let go of the enjoyment of writing. I love making up new worlds and developing new people.

(2) Are you a structured writer or a see-what happens?

A bit of both really. I like to have an idea of where the story is heading. I have endless notebooks, I jot down character descriptions, events that may take place and an overall plot. However, once I start writing it often takes a mind of its own. Characters do things that surprise me and I love that. I love finding out where a character will take us from one page to the next.

(3) Tell us about your first novel?

How My Life Became Chaos, is my first published novel. Kat’s life was going in the right direction. She owns her own successful beauty salon, she has been happily dating Max for 6 months … but things take a different turn. Kat finds out she is pregnant. Circumstances have led to Kat never wanting children. Her father’s depression is spiraling, her sister is becoming more unstable and Kat has a major decision to make that will change her life for ever.

(4) When you first put How My Life Became Chaos out there, did you get the response you hoped for?

I was really lucky, I had great support from family and friends who bought the book. I made it in to the Top 50 in the women’s fiction which was a great buzz. I had some excellent feedback from those who read the book, many who pressured me to write and release the 2nd book in the chaos series. So that felt amazing. But I knew I needed to work on marketing my books more. So since releasing the 3rd book in the Chaos Series I’m constantly reading and learning more about the Indie Book Market and I love it. I’ve recently interviewed successful and bestselling author Joanna Penn. Her interview will be featured on my website very soon. But she gives some fantastic advice about marketing books.

(5) What inspired you to write it?

Many women have busy lives. Whether they have children or not. But having children doesn’t necessarily have to be the next step anymore. I also wanted to highlight the challenges that many women face with trying to balance a career and a family. I loved developing Kat as a character, as she always has a smile on her face, presenting her happy image to her customers etc. but underneath the mask there are problems. I think this can be the case for many people.

(6) What motivated/inspired you to become an Indie Author?

When I was studying for my MA in Creative Writing we were discouraged from following the self-publishing route. I truly didn’t understand this, as everyone knows how hard it is to get an agent, and then a publisher. Most people on the course took this as gospel, so in other words, ‘if you can’t get an agent just give up on your dream as a writer!’ Not being one to follow traditional rules, I decided as soon as my MA was finished I would self-publish. So I researched other authors doing the same thing, and I learnt so much from them. I’ve never looked back. I want to encourage others to follow their dreams as a writer. Just think, how awful it would be to never get agent, but your mind doesn’t look past this route, so to never discover the Indie world. How awful to never know if you could have been a successful author.

(7) How do you marketing your books? Do you have a process?

I don’t have a process as such, I’m constantly looking for new ways. I try to blog once a week, but it’s more of a lifestyle blog. Joanna Penn admits it took over a year before her blog got any comments. I tweet often (I’m addicted to inspirational quotes – you’ll find a few a day on my twitter).

I also interview other authors now, which has definitely helped build some really good relationships with other authors. I love that the Indie world is full of authors wanting to help each other. I always ask this marketing question to authors when I’m interviewing them, as I think it helps other authors think of new marketing ideas.

Cathy Bramley, who is the bestselling author of ‘Conditional Love’, told me about Fiction Addiction Book Tours. I’m currently booked on a tour from the 31st March. There is a mass of information from other authors on my website. It’s so lovely that everyone is willing to help.

(8) What advice would you give to any writer wanting to do it the ‘Indie Way’.

Just do it! Research other popular authors who are making it. Joanna Penn is a great and inspirational lady to follow. She has plenty of advice on her website. Be willing to help others and it will soon come back around again for you. Treat your writing like a business, plan some marketing time into your schedule, and if the sales don’t roll in, don’t give up. You will be successful if you believe in yourself.

(9) Tell us what you are reading at the moment.

I have three books on the go! I listen to Audible from Amazon (usually in the car), and I’m currently listening to The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which I’ve only just started. I’ve just finished listening to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m currently reading Tick Tock Run, by H.C.Elliston, I’ve only just started but I’m gripped already. I have just finished Super Natalie by Caitlin McKenna, it was fab. I couldn’t put it down! I’m really hoping Caitlin will do a series. I interviewed both H.C.Elliston and Caitlin McKenna both are really lovely, I liked the sound of their books so thought I’d give them a try, and they are both great writers. I do have a list of others I’m going to read from the other authors I’ve interviewed. I’m also making my way through Goodreads for Authors by Michelle Campbell-Scott. I’m not familiar with Goodreads, I did sign up but got a bit lost, but this book is really good for understanding their system better and working it to my advantage as an author.

(10) Anything else you would like to add to your readers or to other writers.

Huge thank you to Erin for interviewing me and allowing me to feature on her website, it really is appreciated. Writers, don’t give up … just keep going! And, remember to write for the love of writing.  Thank you to all my readers, your support is amazing. I couldn’t do what I love without you.

Victoria’s books are available for purchase on Amazon.

You can read her blog at:

Photo courtesy of Victoria J. Brown