Where in the World Has Erin Brady Been?

Holiday Gig Final Cover

It’s been quite awhile since I posted any entries on my blog.  I wish I could offer you some exotic or fascinating excuse.  No, I have not met a tall, dark, handsome and very rich stranger who whisked me off on a two-month trip around the world.  No, I have not been on some Indiana Jones meets Harry Potter type of mystical and unbelievable adventure that somehow involves flying brooms and a rare diamond that will bring the owner of it astronomical powers.  I have not gone on a writing strike in support of some fabulous and worthy cause.  And sadly, I have not won the Powerball and packed myself off to live in some remote island (that I bought cash) off the coast of anywhere south of the equator.

I can’t even tell you that my computer crashed and I’ve been desperately trying to get back online.  Where have I been while the world has turned?  While one new version of the iPhone has come and gone?  While the hot summer nights have turned into cool fall mornings?  While the new season of Downton Abbey has already premiered?  The simple truth?  The honest truth?  I’ve been working on my latest book.  I know, I know.  I am better off sticking with any of the above excuses.  It makes me sound much more interesting.  But the truth is I’m really excited about this book and so happy that I am finally finished!  And to make it even better, the whole storyline centers on the holidays!

I’ve mentioned before how much I come to love my characters and Taylor and Hunter are no different.  They have given me more than enough reasons to laugh, to cheer and to believe in love!  They have also allowed me to be a part of their lives and share in a little bit of Christmas magic.

So while I know we have not turned back the clock an hour and although I have pumpkins and autumn leaves decorating the front of my house, I hope you can get into the holiday spirit and give The Holiday Gig a read.   I’ve even wrapped it up in a pretty bow for you.

Erin Brady