The Ultimate Superhero

Moms are amazing creatures.    Somehow they have this incredible, amazing ability to do it all.    Whenever I read a job post online and the qualifications ask for being able to juggle multiple projects simultaneously and under tight deadlines, I think that all moms should apply; because that is precisely what they do on a daily basis.   Tell a mom something is impossible to do and they will laugh at you.  They can cook, sew a button on a shirt, figure out an algebraic formula, balance a phone on their shoulder while being put on hold with customer service, arbitrate a fight between siblings, all of it at the same time without even breaking a sweat. So many runny noses to blow, so many shoelaces to tie, so many chores to tend to… and only two hands to do it!

And it’s not like women are born with these magical powers.  No-just the opposite.  When I was young, I thought of no one but myself:  sleeping until noon on weekends was the norm.  Partying until early in the wee hours was a must.  But the minute I became a mom, something definitely changed.  It’s as if the minute you bring a child to the world, you acquire superhuman traits.  You know how Superman can fly or Spiderman can swing on a web, well moms can handle a crisis in two seconds flat without blinking an eye.  Moms can memorize everyone’s schedule in the family with photographic precision: Tons of soccer practices, play rehearsals, Girl Scout cookie drives, doctor’s appointments, sleepovers and that does not even include the million of other things that moms have lined up for themselves; yet, somehow, no one is late.  Remember those noon wake up calls I mentioned?  Now my internal clock wakes me up most mornings at six am.  And my mommy senses know when one of my children is hurt or in trouble.  I also have the ability to locate any lost item in my house with just the mention of two words to describe it: “that thing.”   I am, indeed, the GPS for all things.

But most of all, moms are loving and patient and kind.  They give their kids tough love when they need to but also are very eager to provide a smile, a hug, a kiss and a word of encouragement.  I know I still need my mom in my life and I am grateful to still have her with me.

So, for all of us moms out there getting ready to celebrate our special day on Sunday, cheers and hats off to us all!  Our husbands still don’t know how we do it.  Shh, let’s keep it that way!


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