Missing in Action

It’s been awhile since I’ve written.  I wish I could give you some terribly exotic excuse as to why I haven’t updated this blog-like I’ve contracted a rare tropical illness while exploring the jungles of Brazil or that I’ve been on an undercover assignment as the leading lady to James Bond 007 (any of them from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan will do-I’m not picky).  But since I can’t lie (or as my mom and Walt Disney have told me-my nose will grow-and believe me, I don’t need to add “plastic surgery” to my list of what I would change about myself if I could), I will have to fess up and admit my rather ordinary reason for falling behind:

I’ve lost all track of time!

Why?  Because I have been spending it all in my wonderful word of writing.  I’m sure other authors will back me up on this, but once I get into that zone in front of my computer screen, I can’t seem to crawl out of it (picture Mark Zuckenberg with the headsets programming away in the Social Network movie except I wear makeup and my nails are manicured in a flaming red polish).  It’s a world I wish I could live in myself and not just visit.  My characters give me such joy.  They are just like me (of course, they would be.  I created them.) It helps that they share the same love of wine, shopping and laughing out loud as  I do (even if they don’t exactly fit into a size 8 pair of jeans).  If I could make them my best friends in real life, I would.  How I would love to call up Marty and Maggie on the phone to chat about their latest mishaps in love and life!  I would give them my advice (which according to my actual friends is always wrong) and they would go off and get themselves deeper into trouble.  Sadly, they are not real.  Happily though, they exist in my imagination and the good thing about my imagination is that I can bring them up whenever I want.  I can invent new adventures for them or I can invent new characters to go along with the BBFs I already have.  So that is exactly what I have been doing these last few weeks: Creating new friends to keep Marty, Maggie and myself company and certainly entertained.  I hope you like them as much as I am enjoying creating them.  I hope to introduce them to you by the beginning of summer with two new books.  Fingers crossed.  Now back to typing away.  My friends are lonely without me.


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