Holiday Magic


Have I ever wanted a magic wand!  Ever since, at the tender age of six, I witnessed the fairy godmother in Cinderella weave her mystical powers over that pumpkin to turn it into a fine horse carriage, I’ve been dreaming of doing the same thing.  Forget being Cinderella and wearing the glass slipper.  I desperately wanted to say the words “bibbity bobbity boo” and turn my Barbie dream house into a fancy 5th Avenue penthouse!

But I’m an adult now and I realize there is no such thing as magical wands and mice turned into footmen.  Although I won’t deny that it would be nice to turn my clunker of a used car into a brand new cherry red Porsche convertible with a wave of a stick.  And yet, even though I’ve “supposedly” outgrown fairy tales (Between you and me, I still believe -but let’s just keep it our little secret, shall we?), I have never outgrown  believing in “magic.”

And it is this particular month that brings it all back to me.  I know it’s probably corny and cliché to say but there is something to this holiday magic.

Whether it’s the smell of fresh pine needles on a lit Christmas tree or the sound of carolers belting out “Jingle Bells” in unison, something in the air brings out the spirit of goodwill inside of me.  I’m all aglow with it.   I’m practically giddy as I wrap presents with brightly colored paper and bows.  I’m giggling as I read “On The Night Before Christmas” to my kids.  I’m mischievous as I hold a twig of green leaves over my husband’s head, leaning over for a kiss.

I’ll admit I still write Santa Claus a letter with all of my wishes, hopes and dreams for the year and I’ve been known to have a few more eggnogs than I should.  And as long as I’m confessing, I will watch It’s A Wonderful Life on continuous loop for twenty-five out of the thirty-one days in December.  I never fail to cry when I hear, “Teacher says, everytime a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

It’s like someone waved a magic wand over December and everyone living in it.  There’s a spirit of giving and kindness and love.  It’s a transformation I wish would stay with us all year long.

So, forget marrying the handsome prince and living in a castle.  If life were a fairytale, I would take the role of the kindly grey-haired godmother and scatter my pixie dust everywhere I went, leaving behind a trail of holiday magic and mistletoe in its place to last us a lifetime.  But while I’m waiting for that to happen, I’ll just enjoy the season and wish you a very happy holiday.

I’ve got to go now.  It’s A Wonderful Life is on and I can’t possibly miss it!

Attaboy, Clarence.  Attaboy!

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