I Sometimes Hear Voices

I hear voices.  And before you ask-no, I’m neither a medium nor crazy!  I’m also not that kid in the movie, The Sixth Sense.  I don’t see dead people and am very glad for that.  I prefer to keep a healthy distance from me and those who have crossed.

When I say I hear voices, I mean that I hear my own subconscious.  I think we all have that particular inner voice.  It’s always there.  Sometimes, we choose to ignore it and sometimes we choose to embrace it (it depends on the message, doesn’t it?).  Sometimes, we wish it would just go away (when we don’t like what we hear).  My voice is called Mabel, has a Southern accent and tells it like it is (hey, I’m an author-what did you expect?  My characters come from my imagination, as does my inner voice).

But before you start sending me the names of some really good psychologists or home remedies to combat my “issues,” I have to tell you that “my voice” is my compass.  It’s my roadmap.  My intuition.  I owe getting out of a lot of close calls to that inner voice yelling at me in her Southern drawl: “Run the other way, lady!”.

Sometimes, I may not like Mabel  because she tells me to do the hard thing, the unpopular thing but always, always the right thing.

So the next time you are stuck in traffic and see a woman driving the car next to yours, talking to herself in a very animated way and she doesn’t appear to be on her blue tooth and no one else is sitting in the car with her, don’t worry.  It may very well be me having an argument with Mabel.  She can be very stubborn sometimes!


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