Why I Am A Hopeless Romantic

It’s no secret if you’ve been reading my blog that I am what you would call a “hopeless romantic.”  I am the person sitting next to you in a dark theater with tissues in her hands, sniffling and proudly letting her tears flow during an emotional love scene.  I am the one who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice. I am the crazy woman buying up all of the celebrity magazines, flipping through pages and sighing with glee at wedding pictures and cooing at baby pictures.  And yes, I am the sucker who roots for celebrities to beat the odds and stay married past the Hollywood expiration date.  So far, I’ve got my money on Tom and Rita to beat the odds.

I don’t see anything wrong with that. Yet, I get the roll of the eyes from some of my friends and the “talk” about how it’s not realistic to think in terms of happily ever after.  And I always ask the question why?  Isn’t Cinderella and Snow White  living proof of that?  Didn’t Darcy and Elizabeth beat the odds of the longest married celebrity couple?

In fact, I take great offense to the term “hopeless.”  Because hopeless means you don’t stand a chance.  Hopeless means to pack it in now while you can.  Why should love be filled with doubt? Hopeless makes it seem like there’s no chance for the fairytale ending.  Just quit while you’re ahead and if you do find someone, chances are it won’t last.  That’s never been me.  I’ve never been the pessimist.  I’ve always been the optimist with the glass half full (and completely full if there is wine in it).  I mean, let’s face it, why would anyone serve a half empty glass at a party or gathering? I certainly wouldn’t. In fact, I make sure my bar is fully stocked.  So why should I see love that way?  Why should I see it as the half empty glass.

Come to think of it, love is like a full glass of wine.  It tastes great.  It gives you a tingly feeling from your head to your toes.  It makes you giddy.  And if you drink too much of it, it could give you a headache in the morning.  But you would never stop drinking it even if it does.  Why?  Because it’s good.  That’s how I feel about love. It’s that good.

So am I a romantic?  Most definitely.  Am I hopeless?  No, nope, not at all.  In fact, I am a “hopeful romantic.”   Hopeful that love has a chance.  Besides, it has a much better sound to it, don’t you think?


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