Who Took The Comedy out of Romance?

I’ve just noticed that despite the plethora of chick lit books out there, there are very little offerings in terms of movies.  I wonder why that is?  Are we so obsessed with big budget action movies that we’ve skipped over the need for a good laugh and two people pushed together by fate?  I tried to remember the last good movie I went to that did this and none sprung to mind that has been memorable or even worth a glance other than Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and possibly Bridesmaid.  Where have the Harry and Sallys gone?  The Bridget and Marcs?  The Becky and Lukes? Seriously, is there really no one who wants to see two people fall in love without a waterwork of tears or the world coming to an end?  I can remember when Julia Roberts made at least two movies a year where she either played a prostitute in love, a best friend in love, or a movie star in love.  What happened to the Julias of the movies?  I miss you, Julia!

Don’t get me wrong. There have been a few romantic movies released in the past year but it has mostly been romance dramas, not comedies.  Dramas such as Lucky One, The Vow, and a re-release of the Titanic (which every time I hear the opening notes to “My Heart Will Go On,” I start to bawl).  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those movies too.  Everyone needs a good cry into a box of popcorn every once in while but I miss my comedies. I need to laugh.

And because of it, I am a women in mourning, practically wearing black every day over the tragedy of it all.  Although, as a New Yorker, most of my wardrobe is black.  I’m not trying to be witty; just honest.

I think back to all of the really good chick lit books I’ve read this year and at least a dozen of those can easily be made into good romantic comedy movie that I would pay good money (or at least $10) to see.

So to save you some trouble, I’ve listed potential good romantic comedies that have come out this month or are coming out later on in 2012:

  • Hope Springs-August 2012
  • Hit and Run-August 2012
  • Celeste and Jesse Forever-August 2012
  • Bachelorette-September 2012
  • Hello I Must Be Going-September 2012
  • The Big Wedding-October 2012
  • This is 40-December 2012
  • Playing for Keeps-December 2012

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