Romantic Comedies-My Favorites

A few weeks ago, I wrote about romantic comedies and how much of a huge fan I am of them. After I signed off, I tried to write down some of my favorites romantic comedy films. As I was making the list, I thought I would limit it to just the top ten but I found as I started jotting down my faves, that there are much, much more than ten and I couldn’t narrow it down. It would be like choosing your favorite among your own children. I also discovered that I watch way too much T.V. but that’s the topic of another blog.

So here is the list of my top 60, which you’ll see is a mix of the new and old, the classics and contemporary, the musicals and the straight dialogue. The films that really capture my imagination are the ones with the couple sparing-duking it out, a hate to love relationship. I can’t help it-I love a good war of words. Hey, I’m a writer-did you expect anything differently?

They are listed in no particular order. Please feel free to add your own to the list as I am sure I missed a few good ones. Enjoy!

(1) When Harry Met Sally;
(2) Philadephia Story;
(3) Bringing Up Baby;
(4) Groundhog Day;
(5) While You Were Sleeping:
(6) Four Weddings and a Funeral;
(7) Bridget Jones’ Diary;
(8) Love Actually;
(9) The Gay Divorcee;
(10) Adam’s Rib;
(11) It Happened One Night;
(12) You’ve Got Mail;
(13) My Big Fat Greek Wedding;
(14) Shakespeare in Love;
(15) Sleepless in Seattle;
(16) His Girl Friday;
(17) Breakfast in Tiffany’s;
(18) Leap Year;
(19) Easy A;
(20) Pretty Woman;
(21) Can’t Buy Me Love;
(22) Sixteen Candles;
(23) Two Weeks Notice;
(24) Some Like it Hot;
(25) My Best Friend’s Wedding;
(26) The Princess Bride;
(27) The Wedding Singer;
(28) Adam’s Rib;
(29) Confessions of a Shopaholic;
(30) French Kiss;
(31) Knocked Up;
(32) Annie Hall;
(33) Hannah and Her Sisters;
(34) He’s Just Not That Into You;
(35) The Wedding Singer;
(36) Jerry McGuire;
(37) Moonstruck;
(38) Vicky Cristina Barcelona;
(39) First 50 Dates;
(40) Top Hat;
(41) Mamma Mia;
(42) Valentine’s Day;
(43) Never Been Kissed;
(44) Clueless;
(45) Fever Pitch;
(46) Shallow Hal;
(47) Nottinghill;
(48) Knight and Day;
(49) 13 Going on 30;
(50) Sweet Home Alabama;
(51) Splash;
(52) Arthur;
(53) Moonstruck;
(54) Kate and Leopold;
(55) Something About Mary;
(56) Only You;
(57) Serendipity;
(58) Runaway Bride;
(59) Ever After;
(60) Just Like Heaven;
(61) Gone with the Wind (OK, so I know I said 60 and this is a classic drama set in the Civil War but the scenes between Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable are priceless and the sparing between the two earns a spot on this list:-))

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