Happy Blog Day to Me!

I received the notification yesterday.  I couldn’t believe it.  I reached the milestone of 100 posts on my blog.  Yay me!  I was so excited that I actually bought myself a cannoli cake to celebrate.  Reaching the 100th post is certainly reason enough to break my diet, don’t you think?  It’s a major achievement.  It’s a big accomplishment. Definitely, a very good reason for a calorie binge (and mind you, I don’t need much of a reason to go off my diet).

And because I’m sentimental and nostalgic and the kind of person who keeps every scrap of memory like a meticulous hoarder, I decided to re-read all of my 100 posts from the very beginning in one sitting. 

After I was done with my trip down memory lane, I realized what an incredible journey it’s been for me these last few years. I published my first book in 2012 and started my blog at the same time.  Since that time, I’ve published seven books and have written over 100 posts!  I’ve shared a lot of me in those posts: my disappointments, frustrations, inspirations, and excitement. I’ve experienced writer’s block, rejections, bad reviews and even a major hurricane.  But I’ve also made some pretty amazing friends who are fellow authors, book reviewers, and avid readers. The people who have read and enjoyed my books are the best part of my journey and the reason why I celebrate today!

To hear from people who actually enjoyed my work and shared that with me is the reason I will continue to write and hopefully, down the road, celebrate another 100 posts on this site.  I couldn’t have done it without them and so I wanted to take this time to say thank you! 

I’d send all of you a piece of my celebratory cake but I’ve sort of, kind of, finished it all… Oh well, so much for my diet.


Happy Galentine’s Day

It’s All About Galentine’s Day

Yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day, the infamous February 14th. The day some of us dread and others look forward to with bated breathe. It is the holiday when we celebrate “love.”  In the days leading up to the big day, we find ourselves surrounded by so many signs that tell us how we should be loved. Images of couples snuggling together, walking hand-in-hand, gazing into each other’s eyes are everywhere-on social media, in the movies, on television; in the form of heart shaped decorations in department stores trying to pedal everything from perfume to designer bags.  We are told that we need to be showered with hearts and flowers and lots and lots of candy. We are programmed to believe that we need a significant other in our lives to feel complete. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day. But let’s face it. This ideal version of love is impossible to achieve and it can be daunting and depressing if you don’t have that other half in your life. After all, it’s what’s expected.  Right?  Yet, as I was going through my day yesterday, I took a moment to think about what Valentine’s Day really means, at least to me and the fact of the matter is none of us are truly ever alone, are we? 

Love takes many shapes and forms. It comes in different packages.  Think about it. We are loved by our parents, our siblings, our aunts, our uncles, cousins.  We are loved by our sons and daughters, our grandparents.  We are loved by our co-workers, our mentors, even our baristas and the yoga instructor who tries to push us to the brink of death. We are loved by our dogs, our cats and other domestic animals who cozy up to you at the end of a long day. You get the point. We are loved. And for me, none is more important than the love of my girl friends (no offense, hubby).

I have a core group of friends that I’ve known for most of my life and they are a group of some of the most amazing women I have ever met. My friends are fiercely loyal. They are loud and opinionated.  They polish off a bottle of wine (several if I’m being honest) in one sitting.  They come over unannounced to cheer me up if I’ve had a hard day. All they need is that one text from me with a sad face emoji or hear the sound of my sigh in a quick phone call to know something is wrong and they magically appear.  They help me pick up the pieces when my world shatters into a million pieces and let me know that everything will eventually be alright.  They are laugh-out-loud funny, bitchy, crazy, hormonal and they are my rock and my strength.  Most importantly, they love me, flaws and all. 

So in honor of them, I celebrate Galentine’s Day and I encourage you to celebrate the friendships in your life!  They are as precious as any rom-com love out there, maybe even better!

Let the Snow Go!

I love Elsa from the movie “Frozen.”  Who doesn’t love a queen? I rooted for her as she took off from her castle-prison, throwing caution (and her gloves) to the wind as she freed herself to be who she was born to be.  I know every single word to “Let It Go” and any time it comes on the radio, I sing it loudly, proudly and very badly. I think it’s cool she created Olaf and his need for warm hugs and I’m all about girl power. Her bond with Anna, her sister, is #relationshipgoals. 

But despite all of that, I’ve had enough! I’ve truly had enough.  I looked at the forecast this morning and they are calling for snow tomorrow. Seriously, it’s April! It’s spring, people. Daylight savings time is finally here and I’ve lost an hour of sleep in anticipation of warmer weather. I am supposed to be wearing a light jacket!. And yet, we have snow and I’m still bundled. I don’t dare pack up my scarves or gloves or hats or winter coats for fear that I will be “frozen” (no pun intended) without them.  I am still wearing my Ugg boots instead of my cute canvas sneakers. 

I can’t take another day of flurries and talk of inches and ice.  I can’t take another day of the cold.  I feel like I’m living in a real-life version of Arendelle and Elsa just won’t let up.  Someone, please tell her we got the memo and she can stop now. Maybe Anna can talk some sense to her like she did in the movie because I yearn for the blazing sun and the stifling heat. I long for air-conditioners and iced coffee.  I want to see my sidewalk again and plant my flowers. I’m ready.  Please, Elsa, let the snow go!